Exclusive Work of Art


Transporting the extraordinary beauty of the ancient era to the modern world, Serhat engages the most experienced artisans in Istanbul to create sophisticated 24k fine gold jewelry imbued with a timelessness and an air of the exotic. Exclusive and collectable works of art, Serhat’s jewelry is heritage reinterpreted for modern, discerning connoisseurs.

Based in Istanbul and trained by Turkey’s foremost gold jeweler, Serhat’s work is reminiscent of pieces worn thousands of years ago by Aegean royalty. Still, he interprets the ancient goldsmithing techniques and masterful motifs into distinctive silhouettes to be layered and worn by the contemporary woman.




 My work is inspired by the long lineage and legacy of Istanbul masters who work with 24 karat gold. We continue the ancient goldsmithing techniques by translating them into new designs. We dance with history.